Taking automation to the next level

At Marketing Templates, we understand the importance of efficiency to a marketer and what your real goals and objectives are. We also understand writing code may not exactly be a skill you were taught as part of your marketing course.
Having experienced the challenges of using marketing automation platforms that require to code in html, we thought surely we are not the only marketers out their experiencing this frustration.. and so Marketing Templates was born.

Most of the marketing platforms, which all marketers are familiar with, require you to code your email and landing pages in order to build your email/edm campaign. How frustrating is this and a complete waste of time spending so many hours asking Google for help.

At Marketing Templates, we want to do the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to focus on the more important things, like generating leads and conversion rates!
We have built a variety of email templates for you to choose from which have the html code embedded in there for you.
With our easy to use landing page and email builder, Marketing Templates will be your new best friend.